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branding + web + UI design

User interface designed for Verizon's mobile products and services and brand identity + web collateral designed for Verizon's UOTM team. View full project HERE.


branding campaign

Branding design for The Bureau, a contemporary vintage-inspired furniture company. Brand identity, typeface, color scheme, pattern, packaging design, and hand drawn + vector illustrations are created. Promotional items and decorative elements are also designed and utilized as part of the branding campaign. View full project HERE.


branding + web

Branding design for an ophthalmology practice in San Diego, California. Brand identity, typeface, color scheme, pattern, signage, and web design are created. View full project HERE.


brand identity

Brand identities designed for various clients and businesses. View full details HERE.


branding + web + UI design

Brand identity, interactive e-book, and web collateral designed for Oracle's GTM team, and brand identity and web collateral designed for Oracle's GEC team. View full project HERE.


illustration + print

T-shirt designs for annual events held by non-profit organizations and schools. View full project HERE.


branding + signage

Branding design for Redwood National Park in California. Brand identity, typeface, color scheme, icons, and signage are created.
View full project HERE.



Print collateral for an annual retreat campaign called Wake Up, led by the Plum Village monastics. This campaign involves a series of Zen mindfulness retreats held during springtime, and the theme is "The Way Out Is In". Design pieces include banners, posters, flyers, and postcards. View full project HERE.


UI Design

User interface and interactive publication design for National Geographic. This publication series focuses on the ancient ruins in East & Southeast Asia. View full project HERE.


branding + packaging

Branding design for Elements Herbal Emporium, an organic medicine and herbal supply shop. Brand identity, typeface, color scheme, pattern, and packaging design are created. View full project HERE.


illustration + print

Conceptualization via illustrations. The subject of exploration is a fish. Process begins with hand drawn concepts, which are later finalized into vector graphic and printed. View full project HERE.


illustration + modeling

Conceptualization via 3D modeling. The subject of exploration is a garlic. Process begins with hand drawn concepts, which are later converted into vector graphic. Finalized graphics are later printed out and handcrafted into 3D structure. View full project HERE.


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Branding Design

Logo design, typography, color palette, image style, icons & signage, and all other visual elements that form your brand identity. Other services listed here - 02. through 06. - may also be needed to develop the brand.

Web + UI Design

Responsive web design and user interface design utilizing HTML5 & CSS3. Designs involve front-end development for websites, email ads & newsletters, and mobile apps - all are compliant with W3C validation standards.

Interactive Design

Animated short stories, vector animations, animated GIF images and banners, interactive e-books, interactive PDF documents and stories, PPT presentations, and other digital collateral.

Packaging Design

Designs for various types of containers and packaging material, including but not limited to boxes, tote bags, bottles, jars, cans, gift sets, printable wraps, tags, and labels. Designs are created with specific dimensions and all angles of the product in mind.


Hand-drawn and vector illustrations for T-shirts, book covers, storybook pages, infographics, decorative art, and various other products. Hand-drawn illustrations at final stage are converted and delivered as high-resolution digital files.

Print Collateral

Designs for business cards, greeting cards, letterhead sets, invitations, flyers, newsletters, postcards, posters, signs, banners, magazine ads & publications, annual reports, and other print material.


Hello, my name is Ann Dao. I am a highly motivated, adaptable, and detail-oriented designer who excels in multiple disciplines - these include branding design, web + UI design, interactive design, packaging design, illustration, and print collateral.

Since childhood, I have always had a knack for freehand drawing and a strong inclinaton towards the arts. I constantly sketch and doodle - if I did not have a pencil and paper in hand, then I would simply trace the air with my fingers, creating an image from my imagination. Though it has been a long journey, these artistic tendencies have led me to where I am today. Long story short, I have completed a B.F.A. in Visual Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington, but that was after having completed both a B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Mathematics. Overall, art has always been my greatest passion, and pursuing fine arts and design has been one of the best decisions I have made.

To this date, I am an award-winning Graphic + Multimedia Designer with 9+ years of experience in both a freelance and in-house environment. I have been awarded the 2012 “Best of Show” Gold ADDY Award for my branding campaign design, titled The Bureau, and this project has also been selected for the 2011 UTA Senior Exhibition Show. I have also received the 2011 Outstanding Senior Award from the UTA Art + Art History Department, and I have been a selected finalist in the 2011 DSVC National Design Competition for one of my interactive designs, titled The Legend of Trương Chi and Mỵ Nương. Furthermore, I have designed for various companies and clients, some of which include Verizon, Oracle, the Health Insurance Marketplace, as well as small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Regarding platforms, I can work on both Mac and PC, and I code all web-related material using HTML5 and CSS3 compliant with W3C validation standards. My all-time favorite design tool is the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite - primarily InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Dreamweaver, and Animate.

During my free time, I enjoy watching Netflix, painting with watercolor and oil, playing tennis, listening to music, playing on my guitar and đàn tranh, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.


Jesse Kim | President, Nexus Painting Company

Nam Truong | Volunteer, Vine Street Elementary School

Trinh Vo-Tran | Volunteer, Greenhill School Volunteer

Pallavi Dantu | UX Designer, Verizon


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